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United Church of Fayetteville Becomes Partner Congregation


January 11, 2006 | bpfna

BPFNA welcomes The United Church of Fayetteville (NY) as its newest Partner Congregation, joining 75 others in this vital network of peacemakers. The church dates back to the late 18th century, and has been a united Baptist and Presbyterian congregation since 1933. UCF is dually aligned with the American Baptist Churches USA and the Prebyterian Church USA.

Quoting from the church's website, "Our 200 year history is a legacy that we have received from people who served God and each other, who cared about proclaiming the Gospel. For our community and those who would join us, the United Church of Fayetteville has become a beacon and a focal point; for us, an inspiration and reminder of generations of the faithful who preceded us."

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