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Captors of CPT Partners Release New Video, Renew Demands


January 28, 2006 | bpfna

Captors holding four Christian Peacemaker Teams partners in Iraq have released new video of the hostages and renewed their threat to kill them unless all Iraqi prisoners are released from Iraqi and US prisons. The video, showing an on-screen date of January 21, was aired January 28 by Al Jazeera television. Shown are (from left) James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden of Canada, Tom Fox of Virginia, and BPFNA member Norman Kember, of North London. An Al Jazeera commentator said the statement issued with the tape indicated it was the "last chance" for US and Iraqi authorities to "release all Iraqi prisoners in return of freeing the hostages, otherwise, their fate will be death." No deadline was given.

The peace activists disappeared in Iraq November 26 and were last seen in a video aired by Al Jazeera on December 8. Families of the hostages have made appeals for their release via print and broadcast media in Iraq, most recently when Pat Kember appeared on Al Jazeera January 6, saying, "I know that Norman would like to continue charity work in the future, but I want him to return home soon. We need him here, all of his friends and family."

BPFNA urges continued prayer for the safety of the CPT partners.

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