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A Baptist Declaration in Opposition to Present U.S. Policies in Iraq


February 7, 2006 | bpfna

On September 22, 2005, a small group of Baptists (Larry Greenfield, Peter Carman, Abigail Hastings, Ken Sehested, George Williamson, and Paul Hayes) gathered at Judson Memorial Baptist Church, New York City, to begin a process of drafting a statement or pastoral letter declaring opposition to the US policies in Iraq and the war on terrorism. This came out of a concern that Baptist voices were not being raised or heard, other than those that supported the war and the current policies. BPFNA joins the authors in the hope that, through this effort, others will find a voice and join us in expressing opposition to the war. Readers have the opportunity to endorse the declaration by following a link on that page.

Read the Declaration


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