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Partner Congregation Caucus Drafts Statement of Concern


February 20, 2006 | bpfna

The BPFNA West Coast Partner Congregations at their caucus on February 4, 2006, reported that they wanted to push for a strong statement opposing war and decrying the loss of democracy in the U.S. and the drift toward fascism. (Note: The American Heritage Dictionary defines fascism as “the control of government by large corporations with right-wing ideologies, driven by bellicose nationalism.”)

They presented the statement to the BPFNA board during lunch. Unfortunately, the board did not have time to fully consider the statement at their meeting, and thus, did not take any action on it other than agreeing to make it available to our members and Partner Congregations.

Please take a moment to read the West Coast Statement for yourself, and ask how you, your church, your region, and your peacemaking network relate to this statement; if you are in agreement, you may want to adopt the statement at a regional BPFNA gathering of your own! The BPFNA exists in order to “connect” peacemakers all across North America—might this statement spur reflection and action in your region?

read the West Coast Statement

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