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Resources for Observing the Anniversary of US War in Iraq


March 15, 2006 | bpfna

March 19 marks the end of three years of US war in Iraq. As we all pray for an end to the conflict, BPFNA offers three free resources especially suited for use in worship. All are available in ready-to-print PDF format from the links below.

The Bible Speaks About Peace offers "12 things that every Christian should know." Rich with Scriptural references, this resource can be used as a bulletin insert, a group Bible study centerpiece, or for personal meditation.

A Litany for Peacemakers, written by Revs. Carol McVetty and Doug Harris, copastors at BPFNA Partner Congregation North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, is a prayer for God's peace and for strength in the work that peacemakers are called to do.

A Meditation in Time of War comes from PeaceWay, a ministry of Christian nonviolence based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. In its mission statement, PeaceWay defines itself as "politically nonpartisan, but unapologetically partisan in its commitment to the core values in the Sermon on the Mount: peacemaking; mercy; hungering for justice; love of everyone, including those who consider themselves our enemies; returning good for evil; service to the point of personal sacrifice; and loyalty to God before Caesar."

download The Bible Speaks About Peace
download A Litany for Peacemakers
download A Meditation in Time of War


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