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Spiritual Progressives to Host 'Spiritual Activism Conference'


April 3, 2006 | bpfna

The Network of Spiritual Progressives is hosting a Spiritual Activism Conference, May 17-20, in Washington, DC. The Network of Spiritual Progressives, a relatively new organization, describes itself as "an effort to bring together progressive folks in religious and spiritual communities to counter the influence of the "Religious Right" in the U.S. body politic."  The Network is led by Michael Lerner, Joan Chittister and Cornel West, among others, and is largely shepherded by the TIKKUN community.  The May conference is a follow-up to a similar event last July in Berkeley, California.  For more information, visit the TIKKUN website at

Quoting from the conference promotional material: "...this will be the National conference to launch a prophetic spiritual politics agenda to the media and the politicians in D.C. and to train organizers who will take the agenda into their communities.  The conference will also celebrate the release of Rabbi Michael Lerner's new book, The Left Hand of God, with its proposed "Spiritual Covenant for America" and the release of the paperback version of Jim Wallis' God's Politics."

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