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A Prayer for Peace on the Eve of the US Election


November 3, 2008 | bpfna

Compiled from the thoughts and hopes of many people, this Prayer for Peace was composed especially for the days leading up to the US election. It was shared by Susan Mark Landis, Peace Advocate with the Peace and Justice Support Network of the Mennonite Church USA.

Prayer for Peace
God of the universe,
Have mercy on our country in our time of need.
As citizens of the United States and citizens of your kingdom,
Many of us will soon go to the polls to vote.
As we decide how to vote,
Help us to remember that we are followers of Jesus
            and not followers of one party or ideology.
Help us to remember that we are lovers of your truth
            and not lovers of half truths or gossip.
Help us to remember that you have taught us to act on behalf of others,
            not on our own behalf.
Help us to remember that you love all people,
            not just those who are citizens of our country.
As we anticipate the election on Tuesday,
We pray for the protection of all candidates.
We pray for a vote tally that is fair and honest.
We pray that all who are entitled to vote will be able to do so safely.
We pray that all candidates, both those who are elected and those who are not,           
  will seek your justice and your peace in the world.
After the election, as we seek to make sense of the results,
Remind us that we are not ultimately members of red or blue states,
But members of a purple, royal priesthood of believers worldwide.
God of the universe,
Keep us awake to watch for your kingdom that is among us, and is to come,
Knowing that it is Jesus who saves us and not politicians or government.
Give us peace and teach us to be peacemakers
As we pray as you have taught us:
Our Father, who art in Heaven . . . .
This prayer was compiled from the thoughts and hopes of many people.

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