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Discussion Resource on "A Christian View of War"


February 2, 2009 | bpfna

Submitted by John Freas, Elkin, NC, USA:

In Elkin, North Carolina, an informal group representing several different denominations has developed a discussion guide that is available for groups to use in a dialogue about war and peace. The document is available on the BPFNA web site at no cost. It is entitled “The Prince of Peace: A Christian View of War.”

The group that produced this document does not have a name, but it has been meeting monthly in the parish house of Galloway Memorial Episcopal Church in Elkin to plan for peace. We have done the following things:
  • Conducted religious services to advocate peace
  • Tolled the church bell for those who have died in war
  • Created a sacred space to honor people serving in the armed forces
  • Prayed for peace at 9:00 each evening
  • Wrote letters concerning peace to the editor for the local newspaper
  • Wrote letters to Congressional Representatives and Senators concerning peace
  • Met with staff from Senator Elizabeth Dole’s office to discuss peace
  • Got front-page coverage in newspapers
  • Participated in a peace vigil each Thursday at noon in Elkin
  • Shared information with each other
  • Arranged a public showing of the video “The Ground Truth”
  • Promoted essays on peace in four local high schools
The group decided it would be helpful for local churches to have something they could use to facilitate discussions concerning war and peace, so group member John Freas wrote the discussion guide “The Prince of Peace: A Christian View of War.” The group helped him refine and edit it, and now is trying to make it available to any church or group that

download this free resource as a PDF

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