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US White House Call-In Days Scheduled for Pending Afghanistan Decision


November 24, 2009 | bpfna

BPFNA encourages its members and friends in the US to consider contacting the White House to urge President Obama not to send additional troops to Afghanistan. There is more information in the following release from Christian Peace Witness, a BPFNA partner organization.

Christian Peace Witness
CPW Enews
November 20, 2009

Christian Peace Witness Action Alert


Christian Peace Witness joins in the call to "make your voice heard." Now more than ever, the world needs religious communities and nations to work together for peace without resorting to violence.

Call President Obama at 202-456-1111, Monday. Nov. 23 through Wednesday, Nov. 25.

For 3 days people from every corner of the country will be flooding the White House with calls. We oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan; we want the troops that are there now to be brought home! If you cannot get through on Monday, call on Tuesday or Wednesday. Most importantly, make your call and make your voice heard.

Latest reports indicate that President Obama will make the decision on Afghanistan after Thanksgiving.

Use this number to call the White House: 202-456-1111
(The toll-free 888 number publicized by many groups in this coalition is NOT working!)
Other ways to contact the White House:
switchboard - 202-456-1414

TTY/TTD - 202-456-6213

fax: 202-456-2461


News reports suggest President Obama has rejected the current proposals for additional troops until there is an exit strategy. This could be a good sign but we cannot sit by and assume the right steps will be taken. The first step is to not send more troops. The next step must be the withdrawal of the troops currently there.

The decision the president makes will have a dramatic impact on the future of Afghanistan and the stability of the region. It will have a tremendous impact on our country as well: will billions of more dollars be spent sinking us deeper into this war or will we have the money needed for health care, education, job creation and so much more here at home?

This is the moment when we can have an impact.

Call the White House - 202-456-1111 - and tell them:

  • No additional troops to be sent to Afghanistan.
  • Start the withdrawal of U.S. troops and begin serious diplomacy and dialogue with all parties to the conflict without preconditions.
  • Redirect the tens of billions of dollars spent yearly on Afghanistan war funding to human needs in Afghanistan and at home.

It is vitally important to also keep the pressure on Congress. While you are at your phone, won't you call to your Representative and Senators? They control the money for this war and will be asked for additional funds if more troops are sent. Urge them to oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan and call for an exit strategy from our military occupation of Afghanistan. To learn about specific legislation in Congress, see

To call your members of Congress call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121. If you are not sure who your Representative is, click here

Please share the response to your calls by posting on the website:

In cites and towns around the country local groups are already planning public activities and protests should the President announce an escalation. We encourage you to organize a witness and be sure to post any activity you have planned. Find out what's planned in your area

The White House call-in days are being jointly organized by the UFPJ, American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action, CodePink, Just Foreign Policy, Voters for Peace, Pax Christi, Common Dreams, Historians Against War and others.

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