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Hector Villanueva: Update on CBF Hispanic Network Pastor


September 4, 2010 | bpfna

This is an update to a prayer request received August 27, 2010, from CBF of North Carolina. This update was received September 3, 2010....

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Pastor Hector Villanueva, his wife Martha, and their children.  Many of you know that Hector, one of the pastors in the CBFNC Hispanic Network, was arrested on August 19 at his home.  Though a legal resident, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Hector after he applied for citizenship when a 15-year-old conviction was discovered for trying to cash a bad check when he was homeless.  Immigration law states that any non-citizen who commits a felony faces deportation, regardless if they have completed their sentence.  Hector has since become a devoted Christian, pastor, husband, and father, serving God and his neighbors.  After his arrest, Hector was moved to a prison in Gainesville, GA, last week, and had a bond hearing in Atlanta today.
Our Missions Coordinator, Linda Jones, was in attendance at his bond hearing and called to say that the judge granted his request for bail.  Hector should be released this evening after the paperwork and bond money is filed, and will be able to return home to his family for the rest of the proceedings.  Through we don't yet know when the trial will be, we ask that you be ready to pray, call your elected officials, and attend his proceedings as you are able in support of Hector and his family.  We will alert you when we know more.
Thank you again for your prayers, support, and kind words.  I know they mean the world to Hector and Martha.
Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator
Laura Barclay, Social Ministries Coordinator

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