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Prayers for Burma


November 25, 2010 | bpfna

by Evelyn Hanneman
November 23, 2010

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America has been involved in seeking peace in Burma for nearly 20 years. As times change, a new paradigm must be found to guide this work. In conjunction with American Baptist Churches USA - International Ministries, Baptist World Alliance and the Shalom Institute of Myanmar, we invite you to join Baptists around the world in praying for peace in Burma (Myanmar) during Advent. We suggest the dates of either December 5, which is Peace Sunday for those who follow the Advent liturgical calendar or December 12, which is Baptist World Alliance Human Rights Sunday. A prayer for Burma can be found below, and you can click here to access a ready-to-copy litany in PDF. We invite you to use these materials or create your own. Click here to access a 3-1/2 video on the recent fighting at the Thailand-Burma border by journalist Timothy Syrota.

Why are we praying for Burma at this time?

Burma (also known as Myanmar) has experienced violent conflict for over 60 years and military rule for almost 50 years. Struggles for ethnic rights and democracy have been long and unsuccessful. Hundreds of thousands of people have become refugees in Thailand, Malaysia and India. Baptists have a long and fruitful mission history in Burma resulting in a strong and dynamic Baptist presence in the land that has been a leading voice for peace. Burma is at a critical crossroads as actions from the military threaten to reverse the truce that had been holding since 1994, and to repress minority ethnic groups which have not conformed to some of its demands. A controversial election was held on November 7, and old ethnic conflicts are flaring up again. In empathetic solidarity with our Christian sisters and brothers inside and outside the country we pray for peace, justice, freedom and hope to grow in Burma.

A Prayer for Burma

We pray for peace in Burma. We pray for justice for all people that will make for a lasting and substantive peace. We pray for relief for the suffering of those who have fled their homes. We pray that all the people of Burma might find the way to obedience to your call in Matthew 5:21-26 to make peace with our adversary "while there is time." May people, groups and the government choose to practice conflict transformation talks rather than war. May your justice, peace and healing come to this long-suffering land and its many people. Amen

Evelyn Hanneman is BPFNA's Operations Coordinator.

Click here for the Litany for Burma.
Click here for Timothy Syrota's video.

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