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Bishop Samuel Ruiz Dies, BPFNA to Be Represented at Funeral


January 26, 2011 | bpfna

by LeDayne McLeese Polaski
January 26, 2011

BPFNA board member Karen Turner stayed on for an extra week following this past week's BPFNA Friendship Tour to Chiapas. As a result, she is there for a hugely significant event - the funeral of Bishop Samuel Ruiz. A liberation theologian and friend of the poor, Bishop Ruiz served this area for decades was respected (and reviled) around the world for his firm stance on the side of the oppressed.

[Click here to read a news story on the death of Bishop Ruiz from the BBC.]

Here, Turner shares her thoughts on being in the city for this event....


25 Jan 2011

Hello Amigos

Greetings from beautiful, sunny and warm San Cristobal.  I wandered the streets of the city yesterday and had a cup of hot chocolate in TierrAdentro on your behalf.  Even saw the market on day light!

This morning I had a meeting with Doris, Ricardo, Dalia and another seminary student we didn't meet last week, to plan for the group that arrives tonight.  Then I had to leave for my first Spanish class of the week.

Now I'm sitting in the "other" Casa del Pan having lunch before I go back to the seminary to see what else needs doing.  The group will arrive from Tuxtla for dinner and a general orientation this evening.  They are scheduled to go to Zapata, Eleazar's village, tomorrow for their overnight visit - really jumping in with both feet!  This was because of the village's preference.

The thing I really wanted to tell you all was that while I was with Ricardo and Doris this morning Raymundo Sanchez called (the guy from the University of the Earth) to say the Bishop Samuel Ruiz died this morning.

You will recall he was the legendary Bishop of San Cristobal for forty years who was so sensitive to the rights of indigenous people.  His body is being brought to the cathedral here today and his funeral will be later in the week.  Since he was so loved and influential this will be a big deal and will be a major event in the city with people coming from far and near.  It may also necessitate changes in the visiting group's schedule, since Doris and Ricardo need to attend.  But is a significant moment in history for Mexico and a "teachable moment" for the group.

So, imagine, LeDayne, there will be BPFNA representation at Bishop Ruiz' funeral!  Who would have thought?

I'll keep you all posted.


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