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A Day of Action Against War with Iran - Sat, Feb 4


February 2, 2012 | bpfna

Summarized content taken from United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)

This Saturday, February 4th, people worldwide will send an important message against a potential war with Iran. The U.S. has already begun harsh economic sanctions that could destroy the Iranian economy and the lives of millions of Iranians through depriving them of food, medicine and electricity.

For this reason, World Can't Wait, part of the UFPJ national network, invites everyone interested to participate in A Day of Action against War with Iran. Street protests and other events are scheduled for cities around the world, including: Ireland at Shannon Air Base (forward base for NATO); London; Dacca, Bangaldesh; and Calcutta.

Take action in your community and mobilize against this escalating conflict. Please join an already planned event or organize your own.

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