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Conflict Transformation Training at the Baptist Convention of Malawi


April 29, 2014

Conflict Transformation Training at the Baptist Convention of Malawi

Lance Muteyo


















The following is based on information submitted by Lancelot Muteyo, director of training and advocacy for the Pan African Peace Network, who received a grant from the BPFNA’s Gavel Memorial World Peace Fund to conduct a two-day Conflict Transformation training.

From April 18-19, 2014, Lancelot (Lance) Muteyo held a Conflict Transformation session at the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA). BACOMA is the largest association of Baptists in Malawi and among the most influential in Southern Africa. No one from BACOMA had previously been trained in Conflict Transformation.

The first part of the convention, Lance made a presentation introducing approximately 500 youth and their leaders to the techniques of Conflict Transformation.

The second part was more intimate; a session in which Lance trained 30 youth in the skills of Conflict Transformation. Each of Malawi’s seven provinces selected approximately five youth to participate in the training. Of the youth selected, many are leaders among their peers, such as teachers of children and other youth, in their home provinces.

The training had three goals:
1. To learn Bible based principles on nonviolent Conflict Transformation.
2. To gain insights on ways to apply Conflict Transformation to conflicts in their lives, churches and communities.
3. To network with other interfaith peace activists.

Lance reports that the session’s goals were met, and he believes these 30 youth are now equipped to practice these skills on their own and transform conflict in their home communities.

Things to come…
Lance will be monitoring the peace activities of the participants in this training and hopes to do a follow up training in the near future. He also identified three participants (two male and one female) who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Conflict Transformation. They have been invited to attend a 10-day training workshop late in the year.

In addition, Lance hopes to:
1. Conduct a 10-day training of trainers with Daniel Buttry in Nigeria.
2. To conduct a Chiefs’ training in Zimbabwe as a follow-up to an earlier training.
3. To mobilize funds for a workshop at the All Africa Baptist Youth Fellowship meeting in South Africa.
4. To go to other Southern African countries that have not yet received the good news of Conflict Transformation.

Lance recently connected with our friend Boaz (See Conflict Transformation Training in the Rift Valley, Kenya) to conduct a training of chiefs, sub chiefs, village heads, kraal heads, chiefs of police, chiefs of council, pastors and the general public in Masvingo, Zimbabwe from June 25-27, 2014.

Sixty-four people attended the training (they were expecting 30), and the training went according to plan. The head chief of the Ndanga Clan, Chief Ndanga who is in charge of 254 villages, also extended his invitation for them to come back again and conduct several Conflict Transformation Workshops for Members of Parliament and Councillors in future.

Click here to see photos from the training.

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