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Philadelphia esta con las Comunidades inmigrantes y en Contra de la Ley "Donald Trump"

por El Nuevo Movimiento de Santuario (NSM)


August 3, 2015

Philadelphia esta con las Comunidades inmigrantes y en Contra de la Ley

"The policy of non-cooperation with the retentions of Immigration (ICE Holds) makes this a better city for all. Now I'm not afraid to communicate with the police, and this law has done to stop the separation of families. I am very proud to Philadelphia this on our side and against the destructive policies of immigration (ICE) -.. René Navarro Member of NSM and part of the Visitation BVM Church Today NSM to other members of the Network of Family Unit and politicians joined Philadelphia local policy to defend the ICE HOLDS not. Read the statement below and check out the press on the following links and PhillyVoice .

Read in Inglés.

Our priority is the healing of our communities and not the reversal of policies that are unconstitutional.

For Family Unity Network Philadelphia

The recent murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco by Francisco Sánchez is a terrible and senseless tragedy. The pain of his family is unimaginable, and we must allow them the respect and decency of mourning for his chosen way.

As a coalition of organizations with more than a decade of experience working with survivors of violence, we had no intention of inserting our voices in a painful and private moment. After repeated requests from the press and local politicians who have been misinformed by those who choose to take advantage of this time for political gain, we feel the need to briefly address some misconceptions.

The Philadelphia Family Unity Network (Pfun) is a coalition that worked with the administration of Mayor and local advocates to end all arrests in Philadelphia by immigration authorities (ICE) in April 2014. We are leaders of the immigrant community and youth documented and undocumented, allies, immigrant organizations, advocates for the needs of victims and witnesses, people of faith, leaders focused on the intersection between imprisonment and deportation, and policy advocates. 

We have a vision based on community safety, health and justice. We are called by the shared belief that the health of our community is to address the root causes of violence, we have to end the criminalization of our communities and that all people, regardless of immigration status or criminal conviction must remain with their chosen communities. Although people have to take responsibility for their actions and crimes, we recognize that violence stems from trauma, poverty caused by the devastating economic policies, war, forced migration, systematically underfunded and segregated communities and policies racist immigration and criminal justice system that separates and destroys families and communities.

Secure Communities and ICE detention program are policies that failed. They have proven that ICE arrests are unconstitutional several times, and they are the force behind the breakdown of trust between immigrant residents and local government. Communities were organized to fight these policies throughout the country, and won. Back to back and repeat these destructive policies only opens possibilities for more abuses our communities, avoiding the deeper causes of violence, and also leaves our city vulnerable to lawsuits for violations of the rights of individuals. We need policies that reflect our values ​​as a society that honors the dignity of our community, to respect the diversity of our lives and are based on the belief of redemption.

The tragedy of the death of Kathryn Steinle must not be manipulated by those who see this as an opportunity to promote a political agenda. Creating safer communities is a common goal through some seek to exploit divisions. Pfun continue to press for meaningful reform and dialogue to this end.

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