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BPFNA Goals for 2016

from the board and staff


March 3, 2016

The BPFNA board and staff present to you our goals for 2016. Please pray for the success of this work as we go forward together to further fulfill our mission and better live into our four-nation identity.

We celebrate and support the peacemaking work done by Baptists in our four home countries of Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico by raising the visibility of these efforts; bringing peacemakers together in regional and international gatherings; and providing resources, speakers and training. We also actively connect with peacemakers from other traditions, faith-based and secular, to build alliances and work together toward our common goal of a more just and peaceful world.

We describe our work as gathering, equipping, and mobilizing people to build a culture of peace rooted in justice.

In 2016, our goals are to focus that work in these particular ways:


Young Leaders Gathering in Cuba (January 2016, in partnership with the Alliance of Baptists and the Fraternity of Cuban Baptists): Gather and share insights from attendees; Contemplate mobilization responses as discerned by participants

Annual Summer Conference:

  • 2016 – Implement a successful conference around the theme "When Did We See You in Prison? Breaking Social and Structural Injustice,” launching this as an organizational theme for July 2016 to July 2017.
  • 2017 – Begin plans, including staffing and promotion, to make this a successful gathering. Begin fundraising for scholarships, particularly focused on empowering a large contingent of attendees from within Mexico.

Peace Breakfasts (Denominational Peace events): Continue to strengthen our presence at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s national gathering, including the annual Peace Breakfast held at the event. Explore the possibility of a presence at the Progressive National Baptist Convention and other denominational gatherings.

Global Baptist Peace Conference: Support the planning and organizing of the Global Baptist Peace Conference tentatively planned for 2018 in Colombia. 


Do Not Be Afraid: Changing the Narrative in the Midst of Racial Conflict: Create a Conflict Transformation workshop that is responsive to the Black Lives Matter movement. Pilot this workshop in Charlotte.  Refine and share this workshop widely after the pilot effort.

Other training: Continue to offer affordable training in Conflict Transformation and Trauma Awareness and Resilience in a wide variety of settings.

Three Books and a Movie: Create and promote a quarterly BPFNA electronic book club in which members are encouraged to read a common book, or watch a common movie, and come together for discussion. The three books and one movie were chosen by 2015 summer conference participants.

On-going Publications: Continue publications that gather, equip, and mobilize people and groups for the work of peace rooted in justice.

New and strengthened publications:

  • Develop a Spanish section of our website.
  • Increase the number Spanish resources along with our ability to share those resources. 

Staff Media Training: Send our full-time staff to media training to increase their ability to share the BPFNA message in compelling ways.

Build on recent success in Theological Education through:

  • Offering a class at the June 2016 Hispanic Summer Program 
  • Offering a class at the Mayan Intercultural Seminary

Determine a membership structure that moves toward inclusion and action.


Internal Committee Structure (BPFNA Board of Directors): Implement a committee structure that maximizes board effectiveness and member involvement.

Centering Black Lives working group: Work with the group to bring our own work more in line with our values.

Summer Conference: Use the gathering to strengthen mobilization around issues of social and structural injustice, with particular emphasis on the intersectional nature of these issues within our four countries.

Campaigns: Create campaigns on pertinent emerging issues that emerge from BPFNA activities. Support like-minded campaigns led by other groups.

Partner Congregations: Lift up, highlight, and support efforts that emerge from our Partner Congregations, especially those in our focus areas. Encourage and provide resources to support new/greater/better efforts in these focus areas within our Partners Congregations. Encourage venues for Partner Congregations to support and learn from one another.

Local/regional Friendship Tours: Encourage local/regional Friendship Tours to spark mobilization efforts in specific areas.

Partner organizations: Encourage and support mobilization efforts within partner organizations, especially those in our focus areas.  Remain aware of and connected to efforts in keeping with the BPFNA mission and vision. Make BPFNA members and Partner Congregations aware of these efforts. Give involved members/churches a forum in BPFNA communication venues to share about and reflect on these efforts.

Gathering, Equipping, and Mobilizing:

Gavel Memorial World Peace Fund: Support the work of gathering, equipping and mobilizing that emerges from partner organizations both within and beyond North America. Be ready to respond to emerging crises either through our own projects or by supporting projects which emerge from partner organizations. Discern next steps for the Fund as we anticipate using all current funding by 2017.

Williamson Peace Action Fund: Support the work of gathering, equipping and mobilizing that emerges from our members and/or the small, grassroots, local organizations of which they are a part.


Increase non-contribution revenue streams. 

Complete our contract with Hope Manifest with our staff and board equipped and energized to continue the work of fundraising that undergirds our work. 

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