Dates announced for the next Global Baptist Peace Conference

Jan 29–Feb 3, 2018; Cali, Colombia


March 9, 2016

Save the date for the sixth Global Baptist Peace Conference, which will be from January 29 – February 3, 2018 in Cali, Colombia. A theme is still to be determined.

This international gathering will bring together Baptists from across the globe who are passionate about nonviolence, social justice, and strengthening the witness of Baptist peacemaking. The week will include a range of activities, such as intensive trainings, workshops, and plenary sessions, that will provide attendees with knowledge, resources, and action items to better equip them to work for peace in their own contexts.

“We are excited to begin planning for the 2018 Global Baptist Peace Conference in Colombia,” said Paul Hayes, a co-coordinator of the 2018 conference. “These conferences provide a great opportunity to meet peacemakers from all over the world, learn about the issues of importance affecting them and their communities, and discover new and diverse ways of approaching peace work. Overall it provides a chance to work together as peacemakers in a global context. We are also thankful to those in Cali who are working on the ground to ensure a welcoming and accommodating experience for as many people as possible. This will be the first conference held on the South American continent, and we are thrilled to be joining our brothers and sisters in Colombia.”

The conference leadership team consists of individuals representing countries across the globe such as Colombia, United States, Canada, India, Kenya, Italy, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Liberia, Morocco, Brazil, Georgia, Indonesia, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Palestine, Jamaica, Australia, and Norway.

The planning team looks forward to providing more information as it becomes available.

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Contact: Allison Paksoy, communications • allison@bpfna.org • 704-521-6051

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