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Peace Notes: Brief Updates from Our Partners


June 16, 2017

Peace Notes: Brief Updates from Our Partners

Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolutions / Collective Dalit Ecumenical Christian Scholars

Congratulations to the Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolutions Studies and the Collective of Dalit Ecumenical Christian Scholars on the successful Summer Institute of Theologies of Life (SITL) held from April 18 - 27, 2017. Sponsored in part by a grant from BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz's Gavel Memorial World Peace Fund, the 10-day educational program titled "(Re)-thinking Theologies of Life" gathered church leaders from Myanmar, Nepal and nine Indian states.

The ecumenical gathering was meant to encourage young leaders to be theologically informed, to foster sound theological literacy among lay people and to foster commitment among younger theologians to make justice and peace central themes of their scholarly and ministerial pursuits. Areas of focus included Social Analysis and Movements for Peace and Justice, Feminist Theory and Practice, Dalit and Subaltern Historiographies and others.

Conflict Transformation work with PAP-NET

We're always so impressed with the creativity of our Partners. Philip Kakungulu is on a trip through Tanzania teaching Conflict Transformation with several minority groups, including albino people who are often cruelly marginalized or even killed.

Philip writes: "Through this we send a very powerful message saying; Albinos are not Ghosts, they are people! We had some of the girls and children with albinism sitting on the bikes, and we had a marching Band, moving across the business district. Many people where actually surprised to see people with Albinism being ridden on Super Bikes, because Albino people are segregated with such cruelty. The children and girls where also very surprised [by the positive attention], because occasionally no one welcomes them, they always walk alone and no one interacts with them. This is a step to changing the mindset by breaking the traditional boundaries that keep people with Albinism segregated. Thank you."

Rally for Rev. Hon. Wendell Griffen

Thanks to member Gwenyth Lewis who represented us at a June 9 rally in support of Rev. Hon. Wendell Griffen.

Here is the statement she shared: "We of Bautistas Por La Paz~Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America stand in solidarity with Judge Griffen -- and we all believe that all people -- Judge Griffen included — are entitled to practice our faith. Judge Griffen was entitled to practice his religion on Good Friday. He was entitled to practice his religion as a follower of Jesus with other members of New Millennium Church. He was entitled to practice his religion even if others disapprove of the way he practices it.”

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