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A Report from Mexico

from Ximena Ulloa Montemayor & Shalom Baptist Church


September 29, 2017

A Report from Mexico


We are in the midst of collecting accurate and up-to-date information about relief efforts (short-term and long-term) among our partners in Mexico and Puerto Rico. This report from Ximena Ulloa Montemayor offers some on-the-ground perspective on recovery efforts in Mexico. 

You can also click here for specific ways you and your churches can provide direct support.

September 7 earthquake: 96 dead people (estimate)
Oaxaca: 76
Chiapas: 15
Tabasco: 4

Affected housing: Over 85 thousand

September 19: 344 dead people (estimate)
Mexico City: 205
Morelos: 74
Puebla: 45
State of Mexico: 13
Warrior: 6
Oaxaca: 1

Affected housing: 190 thousand buildings affected (estimate) We believe that it can be more since in some areas aid has not arrived.

As Shalom Baptist Church has been responding in these ways:
- Aid for food, medicine, clothes to Oaxaca by the earthquake of September 7. As well as support for Chiapas.

Earthquake of September 19:

  • September 19: Food and water for volunteers . We helped on the UNAM (The National Autonomous University of Mexico) collection center to immediately respond to the disaster.

  • September 20: The collection center was started together with Iglesia Bautista Jerusalen. 

  • September 21: 3 vans loaded with provisions went to the state of Morelos. Communities such as: Tetela del Volcán, Galeana were visited.This same day we continued  with the collection of needed goods. 

  • September 22: 3 full vans and one car with provisions back to Morelos.

  • September 24 and 25: Shalom collection continues.
  • September 26 : we supported with water and provisions to a brigade of the UNAM-ENAH to the town of San Gregorio Atlapulco, Xochimilco, an area very affected by the earthquake of September 19.

  • September 27: The collection center is organized and more pantries are formed.
  • September 28: Assistance is given to families affected by the September 19 earthquake (and ongoing poverty) in the region of Magdalena Contreras, in the town of San Bernabé. In addition to living in poverty, some of their homes were affected by the earthquake. They are left with very fragile housing which cannot be inhabited again. Lifts were delivered to serve 20 families.

It is planned as Shalom Church to continue with direct support and specifically next to the Baptist Seminary of Mexico to collaborate for the reconstruction stage of the community of Hueyapan, Morelos. As well as knowing the most specific needs of the community in this place.

The work will continue for a long time. We need to continue working not only for the houses but also working with lives and hearts of people that lose everything.


Click here for specific ways you and your churches can provide direct support.

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