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Meet our Co-Managers for the 2019 Global Baptist Peace Conference / Summer Conference


February 27, 2018

Meet our Co-Managers for the 2019 Global Baptist Peace Conference / Summer Conference


Luz Amparo Chagüendo Ospina

Luz Amparo Chagüendo Ospina is an ordained Baptist pastor from Cali, Colombia who has worked in the ministry since an early age. For 10 years she has also been a schoolteacher. She is also a theologian at the Cali Baptist Theological Seminary University. She specializes in peace building with an emphasis on gender. Luz Amparo coordinates CEDECOL's (Colombia Evangelical Council) women’s peace project that works for the prevention and elimination of all type of violence against women. She is also the CEO for the “SEPAZ” Peace, Equity, Sorority Foundation that works for the empowerment of indigenous women and vulnerable populations.

Luz Amparo is committed to the work of peace that the Baptist University (UNIBAUTISTA) carries out in Colombia, working in the communities in order to contribute to the construction of Peace. Luz Amparo is also passionate about the work of justice, equity and peace in her country. She lives in Cali with her husband Javier Barco Saavedra, who is a pastor and a teacher at UNIBAUTISTA.

Ximena Ulloa Montemayor

Born in Monterrey, Mena has lived in Mexico City since she was 6 years old. She completed her university studies in Archaeology with her final research focused on the early occupations of Mexico. She also has a Maestría en Liturgia /Master of Liturgy from the Comunidad Teológica de México.

Mena loves to work with children and youth, and she is also a talented musician. Mena has attended several Summer Conferences, and in 2015, she led music one evening while her father served as the worship leader.

Mena is a former board member, and she and her family have long-standing ties to BPFNA and the Baptist faith. Her parents, Javier and Rebeca, are the pastors of Shalom Baptist Church in Mexico City, and her mother was the first Baptist woman to be ordained in Mexico.

Mena was previously on the BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz staff serving as the program manager for the 2017 Summer Conference.

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