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Celebrating 20 Years of LeDayne


April 18, 2018

Celebrating 20 Years of LeDayne

As of this year, Executive Director LeDayne McLeese Polaski has been a part of our Baptist uprising for 20 of our 36 years. We’re marking the occasion by working to strengthen the work of this organization she loves so much.

“There is much to celebrate about where we’ve come in these 20 years. In conjunction with a particularly diverse board, LeDayne helped to turn Baptist Peace Fellowship into Bautistas por la Paz, and though she herself didn’t speak Spanish, herself into Directora Ejecutiva; reorienting us more wholeheartedly toward the Spanish-speaking world.” –Founding Board President, George Williamson

Throughout the remainder of the year, we’re offering you the opportunity to make a special gift in LeDayne’s honor in addition to your regular giving. These gifts will go to undergird and expand our work to gather, equip and mobilize peacemakers in Canada, the US, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

“Underneath her gracious smile and winsome personality, there is the steel of a social prophet, a woman and leader determined to make a difference for peace with justice in our world. LeDayne is a wonderful speaker, presenter, negotiator, and visionary leader for BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz. I for one am proud to have served with her during one of her many periods of expansion and risking contributions to the witness of Baptist peacemakers.” –Former Board President Rev. Steve Jones

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in “over and above” gifts to celebrate this significant anniversary and to strengthen our beloved organization. With these two decades in mind, we’re encouraging gifts of $20, $200, or $2,000.

Will you help us reach this goal?

There are several ways to for you to donate:

  • ONLINE: Click here to donate online.
  • TEXT: Donate by texting BPFNA20 to 50155.
  • MAIL: Mail your donation to 300 Hawthorne Ln, Suite 205, Charlotte, NC 28204.

"Like many people with true prophetic gifts, LeDayne was a reluctant leader regarding her own volition. But clearly possessing a prophetic spirit, she’s led into new areas where few because of established traditions were willing to break ranks and go. She rarely sought the easy way. Through her we have seen and heard God’s vision spoken and lived with clarity and a passion for God’s shalom/salaam.” –Former Board President, Dr. Cheryl Dudley

We hope you will join us in celebrating LeDayne and strengthening the work for peace rooted in justice. Thank you for the many ways you support the work of peace.

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