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Summer Conference 2018: Daily Themes

Decentering Power and Privilege: Becoming a Peculiar People


May 1, 2018

Summer Conference 2018: Daily Themes

Each of these topics can and should be experienced and influenced by each individual participant’s lived understanding. These are not topics that live in a “yes” or “no” reality. Rather, they live on a spectrum of truths that are affected and infected by our many cultures. Like the very idea of our theme Decentering Power & Privilege: Becoming a Peculiar People by the very notion of choosing to be followers of Jesucristo, the Divine made flesh, by believing that the unlikely can be, by following a Palestine Jew who turned water into wine, who freed the captives from the binds of the status quo…we become a peculiar people, strange, no longer fitting into the expected societal norms. And so each day’s topic takes us a step deeper into Decentering those aspects of Power and Privilege that we have been socialized to enable the people to do (and yes, we are the people).

Because we have already said that we are Becoming a Peculiar People:

  • Monday, July 2: “Unity vs. Uniformity”
    We are not all called to be the same. We are not all called to the same work, ministry, or passion. But we are each called!
  • Tuesday, July 3: “No limits, no boundaries, no one left out”
    We will have an opportunity to learn from Jessica Vazquez Torres who will help us think about centers and borderlands. Her training has been transformational for our staff and board. And while some of us might think of these in relation to immigration, others may think of this as relating to welcome.
  • Wednesday, July 4: “Decolonizing the Americas”
    It is the fourth of July and while “Americans” from the USA have been socialized to set off fireworks and remember independence, African Americans were not yet freed on that day. All across what we now call “The Americas” the Indigenous inhabitants of the land were oppressed and pushed into small placeholders (if they survived to get to them). What are we celebrating? What SHOULD we celebrate?
  • Thursday, July 5: “I’m coming out”
    Imagine living in community with folk who welcome you as long as you are quiet and in the closet. Some of us have yet to proclaim our coming out story. For some it is to say who and how I love may not fit with what was expected of me, and yet still… For others it is to say I am Christian and follow Jesus who loves me and God who created me beautifully and wonderfully. Still others have yet to admit to their complicit acceptance of unearned privilege. It is time to Come Out!
  • Friday, July 6: “Let’s go back to the water”
    John the Baptist immersed Jesus in the waters of the River Jordan and the Spirit of God alighted on Jesus and God was pleased. When was the last time we returned to the waters and remembered? Can we return together?
  • Saturday, July 7: “What you gonna do when you get out of jail”
    Many of us have been conditioned to think that when we learn Peace, when we meet Jesus, everything will be alright, but the human truth is that we might do some jail time! What happens when we finally get out…?

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