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Today is #GivingTuesday!


November 27, 2018

Today is #GivingTuesday! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far! We have raised close to $3,000 since the start of this campaign. However, we are still around $2,000 off from reaching our target goal. Can you help us by donating today?

Thinking back to previous campaigns, I am thankful for everyone whose generosity has contributed to us exceeding our goals and enabling some truly powerful and necessary work for peace rooted in justice.

Two years ago, for instance, we were able to bring top-quality Latin American leadership to our first-ever Summer Conference in Mexico thanks to the generosity of #GivingTuesday donors. When the campaign began, we didn’t realize just how important going to Mexico would become. With the US election of Donald Trump happening soon after our campaign’s launch, the gathering in Mexico became a vital, tangible, transformative counter-example to the hateful, fearful, and divisive rhetoric to build walls – both literally and figuratively – between us. The experience in Mexico transformed this organization and dared us to become something redemptively new.

Last year – responding directly to conversations at that 2017 Conference – our #GivingTuesday campaign focused on bringing Indigenous representation from across the Americas to our 2018 conference in Keuka Park, NY. With our $5,000 campaign goal, we were able to bring approximately 10 representatives to that conference. Especially as the theme was De-centering Power & Privilege it was important to provide space and resources toward empowering the voices most impacted by toxic systems of colonialism and white supremacy. And once again, that gathering transformed us into something redemptively new.

In her farewell sermon this summer, LeDayne preached that this organization is still living into who and what it might become: “We are not who we were 20 years ago. We are not even who we were 2 years ago… Most of us did not see ‘Bautistas por la Paz’ coming. We did not see grappling with white supremacy and meaning not people out there – but ourselves and this organization -- coming. We did not see the wonders of our conference in Mexico coming… So I wonder – what might be next? When we glance at ourselves, five years from now, what will we see?”

Next summer we will be in Cali, Colombia for the 6th Global Baptist Peace Conference. Past global conferences have sparked an immense amount of effective grassroots work, and many individual peacemakers have been inspired and equipped to continue their own creative and courageous work.

The results of past conferences assure us that the impact of this conference will be deep and lasting. And once again, we know it will leave an imprint on our souls and transform us into something redemptively new.

That’s why we’ve focused this year’s #GivingTuesday campaign around raising funds for the 2019 Conference to ensure more people have the means to attend. I hope you will consider making a gift to this campaign that’s above and beyond your regular giving.

Any amount you are able to give will contribute to the success of this important gathering.

There are several ways for you to donate:

  • Donate online here
  • Text BPFGIVE to 50155 (US numbers only)
  • Mail a donation to BPFNA, 300 Hawthorne Ln, Suite 205, Charlotte, NC 28204

Thank you for all the ways you support the work of peace rooted in justice.

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