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Here are some easy ways to increase the impact of your gift

(Even if you cannot give more)


January 15, 2019

We are deeply grateful to everyone who gives to support our work of gathering, equipping and mobilizing peacemakers throughout the world. Your generosity changes —and even saves—lives.

If you’d like to increase the impact of your gifts, consider:

1. Making your gift early in the year. Like most nonprofits, we receive the bulk of our funding in the final quarter of the year, much of it during the last month of the year. The first months of the year are a lean time for gifts, even while our expenses remain the same. A gift in the first half of the year helps to address the gap between income and expenses. Click here to donate now.

2. Pledge. Donors at any level can become pledgers simply by telling us what you plan to donate in a given year. Your pledge can be paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually or as one lump sum.  If you like, we can set up an automatic payment so you have one less thing to remember. Knowing what we can expect from our most faithful givers makes it much easier for us to plan. Click here to set up an annual pledge.

Thanks for all you do to support our shared work of creating peace rooted in justice!

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