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A Prayer for Baltimore

by Malu Fairley

I've been really thinking on my response to Baltimore and my community as a mother and as a reverend - in both called by God to care for to serve to empower. I know I/we have got to pray. I believe in the powerful sustaining and anointing energy of prayer and sanging of ritual and calling forth Spirit- but what do I pray? To pray for peace seems cheap. So here is what I can are invited to join me in prayer - not as "all we can do" but rather as a impetus and a compass:

Holy One my heart is breaking I am enraged and afraid for my people of Baltimore
For my son
For all our black bodies struggling to live.

Be with us now.
Protect my people as we take to the streets as we are fighting for racial and economic justice.
Let not this movement be in vain.

Allow no more blood shed, Lord, but let our hearts and souls be convicted to more than watching from afar with judgement or affirmation.

When the smoke clears and the media frenzy ends, give us the strength to sustain a movement of lasting change.
Let us learn to live counter-culturally - truly seeking and manifesting our own empowerment community by community.

Let the pain and rage of Baltimore and countless other cities cut us to the core that we may not simply debate, accept, and give in to the temptation of privileged distance or complacency- but risk being transformed.

The road before us is long, hard, and treacherous.
Guide our feet, stead our hearts, clear/focus our minds, strengthen our resolve, and empower our actions.
There has got to be more to living than this.


Malu Fairley is a BPFNA friend and a member of Wedgewood Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC.

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