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For What Do We Hope?

A prayer from Ken Sehested

For what do we hope?

We hope for the Beloved's Promise to
overtake the world's broken-hearted threat.

For what do we long?

We long for the moist goodness of God
to outlast the parched climate of despair.

For what do we lack?

We lack for nothing--
save the need for hearts enlarged by the
assurance that every hostage will be freed.

For what do we strive?

We strive for lives marked by goodness,
purified of deceit and malice, and
hands made gentle by the tender caress
of Wisdom's approach.

For what do we struggle?

We struggle for the fate of every child
whose sighs and cries are muffled
by the market's disdain

In what do we rejoice?

We rejoice in rebellious acts of abundance
in the face of every stingy arrangement.

For what prize do our eyes arise?

Our eyes arise for the Beloved Community's
embrace of earth's abode and Heaven's favor.

As-salaam alaykum.
Peace be with you!

Wa alaykum as-salaam.
And with you, peace!

Ken Sehested is the Founding Director of BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz.

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