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A poem by BPFNA member and former board President Cheryl Dudley

a scab
unfully formed
has been knocked loose
from our
collective consciousness.
black pain
white shame
gape wide open and reveal
a hideous seeping wound -
to a bloodied bruised spot
battered over and over and over
bandaids, neosporin and ice packs simply won’t do.
watch and pray
on bended knee
then get up.
Tend to the wounded
run toward not away from
the things that frightens most.
go there, because you must
not looking over your shoulder
or at the shadows looming in the night.
go there, with prayers and petitions.
go there in your physical form
because your spirit demands no less.
go there, because God is there -
yes, even there -
not killed stolen or destroyed.
hear the
testimonies of those who survive.
hear them over and over again,
to help them keep on living.
with our help
the adversary will not win.
we wait now to hear the fuller story
that will never the answer the question:


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