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When Will We Ever Learn?

from Rev. Rick Mixon, Pastor of FBC Palo Alto

Yesterday, the horrible news of mass murder – by gun violence! – at a historic African American church in the South.

The shooter had been welcomed to the Bible study/prayer meeting before opening fire, killing the pastor and 8 others gathered to study and pray.

The President, clearly frustrated, raised for us again the heavy price we pay for allowing ourselves to be held hostage by the gun lobby in this country.

And the reality that we continue to sow seeds of bigotry and racial hatred yields an unspeakable harvest of death and destruction.

When will we ever learn?

A Prayer from Pastor Rick
O God, we bow our knees before You, knowing that the day is coming when You will wipe away every tear – and still we wonder, how long? How long? 

Must we wait until we are mature enough to lay our weapons down, to walk in peace, to live in harmony, to embrace the goodness of Your creation? Can You forgive us for what we have done to the deface the beauty of what You brought into being? Can You catch us before it is too late in our headlong rush toward destruction?

Will our love of violence and our too-easy slide into the judgment that breeds hatred be our undoing?

You drafted us in your image, how have we moved so far from Your deep desire for the well-being of all You have made?

Hear our cries. Forgive our failure to see, to care, to act. Lead Your errant children out of this wilderness of evil toward Your Holy Mountain, where the wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard lie down with kid and the lion play with calf.

We yearn for the time when that Blessed Child of Your great compassion will usher in Your Beloved Community, when the world will be free of hurt and destruction and we will know Your will and Your way as surely as the waters cover the sea.


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