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Dialogue Institute Deplores Charleston Shootings

from Dialogue Institute Southwest

San Antonio, June 19, 2015

Dialogue Institute vehemently condemns the brutal actions of Dylan Roof, arrested yesterday morning for killing nine people during a Bible study on June 17th. The shooting took place at approximately 9 p.m. at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. Among the nine victims was the church pastor Clementa Pickney, who also served as state senator and a community leader.

We at Dialogue Institute do not condone the shooting or its motives. Racism opposes our mission of fostering relationships across all faiths and cultures. We also believe that peaceful dialogue, not violence, is necessary for understanding and healing, and that the shooting perpetrated in Charleston only created more suffering.

Dialogue Institute applauds the swift actions of the police in apprehending the suspect. In addition, we pray for healing and comfort for all those affected, and stand with Charleston in the wake of this tragedy.

Dialogue Institute Southwest works to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures by creating opportunities for direct communication and meaningful shared experiences. Dialogue Institute envisions a society where every person views and treats each other with dignity, people come around shared values to promote the common good of their communities as well as the world as a whole. 

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