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Response to Charleston Shooting

from Boyd Myers

After the events this week in Charleston, where and how to place efforts is indeed puzzling. The heartfelt pain has to be captured and put to remedial use.

We (as white subgroup if you will) are 'loudly silent' in our complicit standing back, so how do we create dialogue with those who have such fear and hate? Yes, we can and do pray.

The families in Charleston directly affected by these hate killings have provided a stage of 'non-revenge' (I am this seems to comes from their faith and repeated experiences over generations), so the question is how to we, all of us, come to understand the fear and hate and buffer it with relationships and education that can have all undergirding one another?

I thought we were getting past this, but the escalation of events in the past 3-4 years of this subterranean mire exploding would certainly point to a new 'how'? We look forward to Your guidance.

See The Daily Show this week with Malala. This is all getting weary. Some on TV comment on the lack-of-comment on international terrorism from the moderate Muslim (and granted this is somewhat uninformed to say the least, as Muslims terrorism against Muslims is actually and sadly the majority), however are we in white America (or pick your subgroup) equally silent with this festering national terrorism? How can we lead? How can we go beyond venting but inventing groundwork for all Americans?!

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