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The Acolyte

from LeDayne McLeese Polaski, Executive Director, BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

The acolyte,
his face all tension,
takes hesitant steps
down the aisle.

Every few feet
he halts completely
checking the flame
yet again.

Worship is done
and he has the job
of taking the light
to the world.

And what if he’s the one who lets the fire die?

We in the pews
smile a bit at his
sweet concentration
and concern.

Yet we know too
these halting steps,
the fear that we will

The blaze of Peace, Love, Hope, Joy.

And yet . . .

The central claim
of our shared faith
is that this light is
beyond us

Beyond our power
beyond our skill
to either evoke
or destroy

It springs into life
Again and again
In the strangest places
And people

A desert bush
A manger baby 

Even here, even now,
Even us

May it be so.

-December 22, 2014

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