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An update from Chiapas

from Dalia Juárez Fernández (SIM)


In these days of pain in our country, it is necessary to give birth to hope in the midst of our hearts, to the lives that have been hard hit by losing homes, family, health, emotional stability and even spiritual.

Thank you for keeping this Mexican people in your prayers and thoughts. 

Many thanks to you, our brethren of BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz, for the campaign to raise funds not only for Mexico, but also for Puerto Rico. As soon as we have the resources we can channel them immediately to the families affected in Chiapas. 

I tell you that as the days went by we realized that people are beginning to forget the families affected. It is painful to mention this but it is real, the first earthquake that faced Chiapas and Oaxaca we only saw the help of civilian people. It causes me a lot of pain to see the reality, every day we hear the politicians, senators, governors trying to protect the places of money that can serve for the reconstruction of Mexico. 

This week the SIM team and I managed to go to an indigenous community called "The Constitution.” We offered 6 families and a Presbyterian church sheets, tables, chairs, kitchen utensils (plates, cups, spoons, knives, etc.). We still lack to help, but these families who were blessed with these materials lost their homes completely, including the land where they were built.

The constant rains, tremors, deforestation, caused landslides in the mountains and put at risk several communities. A week ago in Oaxaca rains did not stop and people who were homeless had to spend the night under umbrellas and some tarpaulins.  We need your prayers, so do not let go of Mexico and Puerto Rico, today more than ever we must be aware of our brothers.

In the distance receive a big hug full of gratitude and affection! 

--Dalia Juárez Fernández, Intercultural Mayense Seminar (SIM)


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