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Conflict Transformation Training

"I found this to be the best training on this subject that I have ever attended and this is my fifth! Your subject was very well organized and it stayed on topic with relevant illustrations and stories that brought home the points." 

— BPFNA Member


Conflict is often viewed as something to be avoided, if not minimized, in human relations. The goal in many attempts at reconciliation is to reach harmony between warring parties through mediation and compromise, though at times, conflict resolution may fail to address the underlying causes of conflicts. The BPFNA has a different approach.

We understand conflict to be inevitable part of human life. In fact, we see conflict as a gift with enormous positive potential! What if you were to discover conflict's good side? What if you had some new ways to understand it, your responses, and others' responses? What if you had tools for exploring the deeper (often hidden) issues at stake? What if you had skills to handle it in constructive ways that maximize its power for positive change? Conflict Transformation training can help make all that possible. 

Click here for a Bible Study Manual in Conflict Transformation that's available in several different languages! This manual was developed by our friend Dan Buttry, who is the Global Consultant for Peace and Justice with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches. He and his wife Sharon regularly lead Conflict Transformation trainings all over the world with the goal of mobilizing others to go back to their homes and mediate conflict in their communities.

These trainings allow you to...

  • Discover how you react to conflict and how this is similar to or different from others.
  • Explore the Biblical concept of peace and what the Bible has to say about conflict.
  • Work with tools for analyzing and understanding root causes of conflict.
  • Learn specific skills for dealing with conflict in your life and community.
  • Put newly learned skills into practice during the sessions.
  • The training can be adapted for interfaith and secular settings. A weekend church event can also include a Sunday School lesson and/or sermon on request.

BPFNA Partner Congregations pay for only travel and materials!

Click here to be directed to our BPFNA Training Opportunities page for information on other trainings we offer.

Find out more

Contact Executive Director LeDayne McLeese Polaski at 704-521-6051 or [email protected] for more information or to schedule a training.


Introduction to Conflict Transformation

Possible Topics include:

  • The Positive Potential of Conflict
  • Understanding Conflict Styles
  • Tools for Analyzing Conflict
  • Listening with Curious Questions
  • Understanding Mainstreams and Margins

Timing: 3 to 4 hours (Can also be offered as a full-day session or weekend retreat with additional topics.)
Cost: Negotiable but typically $300 plus travel

Do Not Be Afraid: Changing the Narrative in the Midst of Racial Conflict (Conflict Transformation event focused on race in the US)

Topics include:

  • Confronting the Narrative Past and Present
  • Conflict as Holy Ground
  • Understanding Mainstreams and Margins
  • Curious Questions: A Practice for Surfacing and Sitting with Conflict
  • Trauma Awareness and Resilience
  • Breaking Free

Timing: At least 9 hours of contact time (Can be one full day (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) or spread over two days.)
Cost: $1,000 plus travel for two trainers

Recent Trainings

Charlotte, NC • March 2016 • Kadia Edwards & LeDayne McLeese Polaski

On Saturday, March 19 at St. John's Baptist Church in Charlotte, BPFNA held its first Conflict Transformation training specifically focused on racial justice and changing the narrative in the midst of racial conflict. Called Do Not Be Afraid, the theme for the training was inspired by a quote from civil rights champion John Lewis, “If we want to build the beloved community, we cannot be afraid.” Keep reading...

Creating a Foundation for Peace...

Conflict Transformation training is one of the many ways we gather, equip and mobilize Baptists to build a culture of peace rooted in justice. In doing so, we work to establish foundations for peace in communities worldwide. Below are stories from Conflict Transformation training experiences.

Recent Trainings

Zimbabwe • June 2014 • Boaz Keibarak & Lancelot Muteyo

Boaz and Lance connected to conduct a training of chiefs, sub chiefs, village heads, kraal heads, chiefs of police, chiefs of council, pastors and the general public in Masvingo, Zimbabwe from June 25-27, 2014.

Sixty-four people attended the training (they were expecting 30), and the training went according to plan. The head chief of the Ndanga Clan, Chief Ndanga who is in charge of 254 villages, also extended his invitation for them to come back again and conduct several Conflict Transformation Workshops for Members of Parliament and Councillors in future.

Click here to see photos from this training.

Malawi • April 2014 • Lancelot Muteyo

From April 18-19, 2014, Lancelot (Lance) Muteyo held a Conflict Transformation session at the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA). BACOMA is the largest association of Baptists in Malawi and among the most influential in Southern Africa. No one from BACOMA had previously been trained in Conflict Transformation. Read more...

Kenya • April 2014 • Boaz Keibarak

From April 8-14, Boaz Keibarak held a series of Conflict Transformation trainings in four villages in the Rift Valley in Kenya. The trainings are an ongoing effort to ease conflict and tension between two warring groups in the region: the Pokot and Turkana. In October 2013, 135 people were killed during an eruption of violence in the area. Read more...

About Boaz Keibarak

South Sudan • Winter 2012 • Lee McKenna

Postcard #1: What has changed in a year? As I move about in the Tong Ping neighbourhoods of this town, the capital of this toddler country, three things stand out. The potholes are deeper. The gated, concertina wire-topped walls of the politicos’ compounds are higher and far more numerous. The smouldering heaps of street garbage more pervasive. And they impart a common message.    Read more...

Philippines • Fall 2012 • Lee McKenna

Postcard #1:

Postcard #2:

Postcard #3:

Postcard #4:

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