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2016 Hispanic Summer Program

Breaking the Cycle: Love your Enemy
Mayra Picos-Lee
Palmer Theological Seminary, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
(BPFNA) / Bautistas por la Paz

This course will explore from a pastoral counseling and systems perspectives relational models that promote non-violent alternatives to conflict transformation in families, congregations and communities. Jesus’ most radical commandment invites us to love even those who we may consider unlovable, including our enemies (Matthew 5:44). The radical nature of this commandment and Jesus’ invitation to break the cycle of violence by loving our enemies will be explored throughout the course. Students will reflect and analyze case studies that describe current social issues such as racism, sexism, family violence, etc. and propose appropriate non-violent responses that lead to conflict transformation from people of faith and pastoral counselors. By the end of the course, students will be able to identify, implement and practice the use of specific strategies for conflict transformation in their own ministry context. 

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