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Choosing Against War: A Christian View

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Choosing Against War: A Christian View

John D. Roth

A new book by a leading writer and thinker. How might Christians look on the world differently if they—actually!—believed that God’s love was indeed stronger than our fears?

In fresh, confessional language, Roth shares his convictions about Christian pacifism, inviting others to consider this possibility, all the while humbly admitting the difficulties.

What would happen if Christians assumed that their allegiance to God, their identity with Christ, and their commitment to the church would inevitably lead them to respond to the world’s pain differently because of their faith? In the face of violence, are there any options open to the Christian believer other than the "default" impulse toward patriotic unity and a steely determination to exact "an eye for an eye"?

A must-read for anyone concerned about the endless cycles of wars and violence, and the possibility that God’s love is stronger than our society’s current answers.

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