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Talking Walls - TEACHER'S GUIDE

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Talking Walls - TEACHER'S GUIDE
To research the Talking Walls Teacher's Guide, Margy Burns Knight took her book, Talking Walls, to over 100 different classrooms: Pre-school through high school, homogeneous and multi-ethnic, structured and experimental. After each visit, she recorded reactions to her ideas of how walls symbolize cultures, paying special attention to the way each teacher and child approached the subject.

The Talking Walls Teacher's Guide, which Knight has co-authored with award-winning educator Thomas V. Chan, can be used with groups or by individuals. It gathers over 200 Talking Walls-related activities in geography, mathematics, social studies, history, art and architecture, cooking (with recipes!), letter writing, research projects, excursions, creative writing, and religion. It teaches basic concepts related to numbers, colors, shapes, and sizes. Also included is a bibliography of 221 books and audiovisual resources that contribute more information about walls and the ideas they inspire.

The purpose of the guide is to offer a menu of exciting activites that can be tailored to suit individual teaching methods and learning styles. The Talking Walls Teacher's Guide can be used to design units that span a day, week, month, or entire school year.

Pages: 68
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