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Ree Belle (Brittíni)

Poet, Artist, & Creative; Womanist, Scholar, & Healer; Organizer, Activist, & Strategist.

Ree Belle (Brittíni)

Radically transformed by the Ferguson Uprising, Black freedom at any cost is a sentiment Brittíni holds true as a master strategist who works creatively to heal black communities from trauma. Twenty-eight years old, Brittíni holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Eden Theological Seminary and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan in Sociology. Her lifelong commitment to the liberation of black people is pursued unapologetically!

A native of the westside of Chicago, St. Louis has become her second home. She is a collaborator at heart, co-creating, co-leading, and co-founding dozens of community based projects over the past decade. Brittíni has always worked at the intersections of art, healing, spirituality and justice and brings this passion to her work. She currently serves as InPower Institute’s Healing Justice Fellow & Artist-in-Residence; co-leads Lewa Farabale, a Womanist Gathering, which she describes as “engaging and expansive; where art meets scripture, scripture meets scholarship, and scholarship meets ritual.” And is the creator of Mama Scrap’s Pool, a healing space drawing on the brilliance, wisdom, and experiences of black women that centers the ancestors and ancestral practices of black folks for the healing of black freedom fighter, so that they may be well and whole.

Brittini goes by the poet name, Ree Belle, an ode to the women who have come before her (her grandmother J. Ree and her grandma’s cousin, L. Bell), her name is a reminder that black women are always both at the forefront and in the background of revolution. It is also a call to action, to never settle for oppression nor injustice, but always fight for the liberation of the masses! She is looking forward to having her poetry published this fall in the book, Activist Theology a collaboration with Dr. Robyn Henderson- Espinoza.

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