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BPFNA Delegation to Ferguson

August 6-12, 2015

As part of BPFNA's focus on centering Black lives within the organization, BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz sent a delegation of 10 to St. Louis from August 6-12, 2015 in response to a national call put forth by Ferguson Action. During this time, delegates participated in #UnitedWeFight, a week of training, education, and direct action during the anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder in August 2014.


Challenging White Supremacy by Roman Johnson
(Originally published for the Fellowship of Reconciliation) I remember being in the living room of the Amen House in St. Louis on August 7 when I heard about 19-year-old Christian Taylor’s murder in Texas. We had come together to resist the systems that enabled these kind of injustices, but became re-traumatized by another report of a young Black man’s death at the hands of an agent of the state. Our wounds are raw. I find myself in a constant state of pain each time I hear of another black person killed by police or white vigilantes; it is scary to realize I am living in a country that doesn’t value black lives. Keep reading...

Walking in Missouri by Martha Kearse
I am still quite a ways from completely processing all that happened during our time in St. Louis and all that it might mean. The question I have for myself is what I will do with this new knowledge I have gained. How can I translate this experience into something that has benefit to my children? To my church and my community? To my country? I am not sure how to answer those questions yet. Keep reading...

Ferguson Taught Me by Allison Paksoy
No one is free until the systems that continue to overwhelmingly oppress people of color are dismantled. Everyone’s participation is necessary. Overall, Ferguson taught me to do my own work; to look inside myself and become more aware of my own prejudices and privileges. Ferguson taught me about recognizing institutionalized racism and systems of white supremacy that still dictate much of what happens in the US. Ferguson taught me to ask more questions. Keep reading...

The Holiest Experience by Alexis Tardy
I did not have to think too long about the opportunity to be around a group of like-minded people who had been doing the work for black liberation for over a year now. Not that I didn’t consider the risks – I knew that these same people had been facing fully armed police officers, tear gas, mace, and other psychological trauma that still effects them today... When people ask about my experience in Ferguson, I tell them it was the holiest experience of my life, and it was. I felt like I was putting feet on my faith, doing what Jesus has long commanded us to do. To fight with and for the oppressed. What I have carried with me every day since are the people that I met in St. Louis and Ferguson. Keep reading...

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