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Summer Conference Registration

Thanks for your interest in our 2017 Summer Conference! Our conference this year will be at Misión Mazahua in San Felipe del Progreso, Edo. de México from July 17-22, 2017. For more information, please visit our main conference page.

Registrations must be received by June 16, 2017 and all payments must be in by June 30, 2017.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship to help with your costs, please send an email to [email protected] for a form. The scholarship application deadline is May 1, 2017!

This page can be used to register and pay online in nearly all situations. If you would prefer to mail us your registration information, click here to download a printable pdf of the conference registration form. 

We are now able to accept payments in USD and CAD. If you've already completed the registration form below and would like to submit a payment, please click here to make a payment in USD or click here to make a payment in CAD. We are unfortunately unable to accept payments in MXN at this time.

A donor is providing the option of free registration and campus use fee for people of color (self-defined, but including people identifying their racial/ethnic identity as Black, Asian & Pacific Islander, Native American, Latina/o). This offer is good for the first 160 attendees who request it. Select the check box in the "additional information" section to choose this option.

Contact [email protected] or 704-521-6051 if you need more information.

Primary Registrant

Additional Registrants

If you are registering for people other than yourself, please list them here. If they are under 19, please list their ages as of July 2017 and grades as of September 2017.

Conference Registration

Please note: There will be no part-time attendance options this year for people coming from the US and Canada.

A campus use fee of $25 (USD and CAD) will be charged for all conference attendees of all ages.

Using these rates, please calculate your total cost for Registration and enter it in the box below.
We are using a sliding scale for adult registration fees, so please choose according to your ability.
Adults (19 and older): $425, $325 or $225 per person (USD and CAD)
Children/Youth (3-18): $75 per person (USD and CAD)
Children 2 & under: no charge

We believe in a theology of abundance. Please use the sliding scale to determine what you can afford to pay. If the lowest level is still a hardship, send us an email with the details of your situation and what time or energy you have for volunteer activity at the conference. We are open to waiving registration fees in exchange for volunteer help.
If you have a voucher to redeem for part of your registration costs, please deduct the amount in making this caluclation and enter the voucher number here...


In this section, please tell us your needs for lodging and meals.

HOUSING & MEALS (Costs are per person)

                            USD     CAD
Adults                  $250     $330
Children (4-12)    $100     $130
Children under 4  Free     Free

Please note: There is no part-time attendance option for people coming from the US or Canada.

Housing costs cover 5 nights (Monday-Friday). Meal costs cover Monday dinner - Saturday breakfast.

If possible, please bring your own linens as it reduces costs for the Misión. However, linens will be available if tbringing your own is not an option.

Please be aware that most rooms are group rooms with bunk beds (similar to a hostel). Please let us know, however, if you have special housing needs and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

Optional Costs

Carbon Offsetting
Please consider a donation of $3 per person to offset your carbon footprint for the conference by including an amount in the box below. Contributions will be sent to the Climate Justice program of Jitokeze.

Summer Conference Scholarship Fund
Your donation to the scholarship fund helps sponsor those who would be unable to attend without financial assistance. Please consider your ability to help create this opportunity for others. If you feel inclined, please enter in an amount in the box below.

Become a Member or Renew your BPFNA Membership
For $40/per person you can become a BPFNA member or renew your membership.


Toluca: If you are flying into Toluca, please visit Misión Mazahua’s website for more information on getting from the airport to the camp.

Mexico City: f you are flying into Mexico City, there will be buses to take you from the airport to the camp and back. The cost to take the bus will be $30 USD/$40 CAD per person. Buses to the Misión are leaving at 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM on Monday, July 17 and from the Misión at 12 PM and 2 PM on Saturday, July 22. We cannot guarantee transportation if you are arriving or leaving outside those times. To get a better idea of how many people will need buses at which times, please select from the options below (We encourage group travel):

Additional Information

This is my first time attending Summer Conference.
I am interested in leading a children's class for the week.*
I am interested in assisting in a children's class for the week.**
I want to share my ability to tell stories, share another talent, lead music or special activity with a children's class one day.
Due to physical limitations, I need special housing consideration. (note below)***
I have special dietary needs. (note below)***
I have a hearing impairment and need special accommodations. (note below)***
I have other special needs. (Enclose a note with details.)***
I will be bringing a youth or child with special needs. (note below)***
I will need translation from Spanish to another spoken language. (specify below)
I am able and willing to provide translation from Spanish to another spoken language. (specify below)
I am able and willing to provide sign language translation.

**A donor is providing the option of free registration and campus use fee for people of color (self-defined, but including people identifying their racial/ethnic identity as Black, Asian & Pacific Islander, Native American, Latina/o). This offer is good for the first 160 attendees who request it. Please check the box below to choose this option.**

Yes, I self identify as a person of color and would like to request my registration fee and campus use fee be covered by the special fund.

*Full conference fees are waived for lead teachers.
**Registration fees are waived for assistant teachers.
***The College requires notification of special needs 30 days before the start of the conference.

Calculate Your Total Cost

Please add together your Registration, Accommodations, Optional, and Transportation costs, and enter the sum as your TOTAL CONFERENCE COST below. Before you click the 'submit' button below, be sure to make a note of this figure.

Payment Information

If you would like to pay conference costs online, please follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the address you entered at the top of this form.

Please Note

BPFNA gathers photographs, video and audio from its conferences and shares this media through its website, printed publications and promotional materials, and in other ways, to help spread the message of our work. We appreciate your participation in this effort. If you or others you are registering do NOT consent to having your likeness used in this way, please check this box.
As a way to help people stay in touch, BPFNA publishes a list of conference attendees. The list is distributed only to other attendees. If you do NOT wish to have your information included in the list, please check here.

Submit Your Registration

Click "Submit Registration" to send your registration information to BPFNA. If you have provided a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation message that summarizes your information and includes information on making payment by credit or debit card, check or money order.

A $10 late fee is charged per person for registering after June 16, 2017.

Please note that a $25 handling charge will be withheld from any cancellation. NO REFUND for cancellations after June 23, 2017.

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