Summer Conference

“It never ceases to amaze me how my week there empowers, challenges, and delights me.”

—2011 Summer Conference attendee


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Decentering Power & Privilege: Becoming the Stranger
July 2-7, 2018
Keuka College
Keuka Park, NY USA

Reasons to come to Summer Conference:

"This is my 'booster shot' to keep me going the rest of the year. Also I know you only get caliber speakers and resource leaders." —2015 Summer Conference attendee

  • Excellent and challenging programs on a variety of ways to practice peacemaking in your own communities.
  • Connections to a progressive Baptist community.
  • Appropriate peacemaking programming for children and adults of all ages.
  • Peacemakers come from all over North America to attend.
  • (For young adults) a vibrant, active, and passionate young adult group.

Resources from 2017


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Luz Amparo (Colombia)

"We think that one of the best ways to start building peace is through the empowerment of women and through raising awareness. We try to train women to see their bodies as territories of peace."


Lem Arnold (United States)

"Once someone tells you their gender identity there’s really no other question that needs to be asked. It’s interesting to get people to grasp that and to realize that sexual orientation is something completely different."


Anna Burkett (United States)

"If my students learn some Spanish along the way, then great, but I see my main job as being able to teach my students how to approach and interact with someone who is different from them."


Eleazar Encino, Aurelia Jiménez & Dallita Juárez (Mexico)

"Our way of thinking as Indigenous people is that peace and hope goes along with faith. That can only become truth when we commit together."


Lázaro González, Suriana González & Noé Trujillo (Mexico)

"This theme of clothing ourselves with hope is something that speaks to us about how we clothe ourselves in our own communities and how desperate a need that is for us."


Ricardo Mayol (Guatemala)

"How can we be companions for those who are suffering and struggling? How can we mobilize our voices together in each country? This is a prophetic voice. How can we influence and challenge the structure?"


Deb Norton & Jonathan Sledge (United States)

"I’ve heard that the things we’re most passionate about, our voices break when we start talking about them, so I learned to start watching for when that happens to me because sometimes you have so much on your plate that you don’t hear your true heart interest."


Jodi Spargur (Canada)

"The other work that I do is what I call Healing at the Wounding Place, which looks at owning that the site of the church has been a place of wounding of Indigenous folks and being able to say that over and over so the healing can come."


Upcoming Conference Schedule

2019 Location and date TBD 

Additional Summer Conference Resources

Click here for worship materials, reflections, songs, videos, and more from previous Summer Conferences.

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