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An update from Puerto Rico

January 7, 2020 | An update from Interim Executive Director Doris Garcia on the earthquake that hit Puerto Rico (amongst other countries) early on the morning of January 7.  Read more »

An end of year message from our Board President

December 30, 2019 | As I write to you today, I’m thankful for your sharing, your gifts, your patience, your listening, your compassion, your challenges and – maybe most of all – your prophetic vision. What you have taught me is the courage to dare to see a world where peace, equity and justice prevail. And not only see it but also work to ensure transformation moves in that direction! So when I’m asked to explain what BPFNA-Bautistas por la Paz is about, what naturally comes to my mind is the organization’s prophetic stance and transformational strategies. It’s not enough to dream and vision without a means for the journey. Nor is it enough to simply transition. The end goal is transformation from death-dealing and oppression to that of life-giving and purpose. Prophet Isaiah helps us see the need to go beyond laying down our swords, for we could easily pick them up again. We must transform them into cultivating tools that nourish. Read more »

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