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NYC New Sanctuary Coalition Responds to President: Commend, and Deplore

A Statement from the NYC New Sanctuary Coalition

Responding to the President’s announcement of Executive Action on immigration, the NYC New Sanctuary Coalition issued a statement that the Coalition commends President Obama for taking Executive Action to help some immigrants...We know he faces a divided nation and we applaud his decisiveness in the face of fear and hate.

But ...we want all members of our communities, not just a few, to hear the great heart of American welcome and hospitality....As people of faith, we do not define a person by how long he or she has been in the United States. We do not value family unity based solely on one family member's immigration status. We believe in the power of redemption, repentance, forgiveness and rehabilitation, as all of us have made mistakes.
Therefore, we regret and deplore that the President’s Executive Action is not far more inclusive, and we call on Congress to immediately start work on a truly Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that includes a path to citizenship for all our valued immigrants.

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