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Why You Should Support Indigenous Peoples' Day

from the Cleveland American Indian Movement

Forty years ago, indigenous delegates to the United Nations asked that member countries adopt Indigenous Peoples' Day to replace Columbus Day in October, due to Christopher Columbus's role in both Persecuting the original inhabitants of the island he claimed and administered for Spain in 1492, as well as being the "father" of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

We hope you too will support this effort by learning and sharing the truth about Christopher Columbus:

1. Before Columbus came to this hemisphere in 1492, he regularly sailed the coast of West Africa stealing people for the Portuguese slave trade. When he came to this hemisphere, he continued that behavior.

2. In his role as Governor, Columbus is directly responsible for the torture, rape, mutilation, murder and enslavement of men, women and children on the island of modem-day Haiti. In his lust for gold, he is indirectly responsible for the brutality practiced against hundreds of millions of people on three continents and two hemispheres.

3. At a time of the brutal "Spanish Inquisition", Christopher Columbus was arrested for "Crimes against Humanity" and returned to Spain in chains for the atrocities he committed against the people of Hispañola (the island of modem-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic). 

4. In only 22 years after his landfall on Hispañola, some 2.4 million people (98% of the original population) had been exterminated by enslavement in gold mines, mutilation, murder, disease and suicide.

5. In 1502, less than 10 years after Columbus's first landfall, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade begins as the first people from West Africa arrive to slave in the gold mines of Hispañola as replacements for the dwindling native population. Indigenous Peoples' Day is designed to show solidarity with the native peoples of the Americas and Africa by telling the truth about Christopher Columbus and the legacy of his choices as they continue to impact People of Color worldwide.

We hope you will become involved with this international movement.

How you can help:

  • Educate your local City Council and ask they adopt Indigenous Peoples' Day.
  • Educate your local School Board and demand they tell the truth about Christopher Columbus.
  • Educate your local state representative and ask that they support Indigenous Peoples' Day at the state level.

For more information, contact:

Cleveland American Indian Movement
PO Box 34134
Cleveland, Ohio 44074
(216) 533-7423 • [email protected]

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