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Become a Partner Congregation

“When we are tempted to despair and l​ose hope for a culture so dominated by violence, distrust, greed and injustice, it is good to join hands in the BPFNA’s mission to build a culture of peace rooted in justice. It’s worth our support. Our work together matters.”

— Partner Congregation member

Benefits of becoming a Partner Congregation
Why should my church become a BPFNA Partner Congregation? Partner Congregations have a direct connection to the largest network of Baptist peacemakers in the world. This allows opportunities for dialogue, shared ideas and mutual support.

Ways to Partner with Us
The Partner Congregation program is a partnership between your church and the BPFNA. Find out how your congregation can partner with us.

Making the Commitment
If you are ready to make this connection, you can continue to our Partner Congregation enrollment page to sign up, and we will be in touch with you soon. 

Partner Congregation resources
A collection of litanies, bible studies, prayers and more! These are wonderful resources to use in your congregations.

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