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Some Innovative Partner Congregations

Social Justice at the Preschool Level

All of our churches are involved in many ministries – here’s a great story about how all of our ministries can have a fundamental commitment to peace and justice. This is from Ellen Cole, director of Binkley Baptist Church's Preschool Program in Chapel Hill, NC.

Children in the Binkley Baptist Church Preschool Program.

I recently had a prospective parent ask me “what sets your preschool apart?” The Chapel Hill community is fortunate to be home to many fine preschool programs. What sets Binkley Preschool apart is the mission of social justice the Preschool was founded upon 48 years ago, one exemplified by this Church’s belief in the value of diversity and its commitment to the scholarship program. These core values are the heart and soul of Binkley Preschool and make for a vibrant and lively student population that otherwise would not be possible. In addition to the large scholarship program, the Parent Board has worked very hard to keep our tuition as low as possible so that quality preschool will remain accessible to families of all means. All of us in the Binkley Preschool family thank Binkley Church and its congregation for their unwavering and continued support!

Remembering the Hungry

From Bonnie Griffin, member of Watts Street Baptist in Durham, NC --  a clever way to encourage members to remember the hungry:

Some of the youth volunteering at Urban Ministries.

In January 2010, the first casserole pans were given to members of WSBC. Since then we have taken a full freezer of casseroles to Urban Ministries every month.

When I open the freezer door each month, and it is full of casseroles, I catch myself smiling. I am truly grateful to find a freezer full of casseroles to feed the homeless. Around 250 people eat each day. Some walk miles with their children to get a hot meal, so each casserole is important. Thanks to each of you who takes a pan each month and brings back a cooked casserole. You are truly doing God’s work.

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