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Pledges for the Earth

From the Earth Ministries Committee
Binkley Memorial Baptist Church
Chapel Hill, NC

As individuals, we may feel our contributions are sometimes insignificant. This is why we at Binkley worked to get a one-year pledge from every congregant of our church that would foster the sense that individual efforts do matter and are being magnified exponentially through the efforts of our fellow congregants. Not only that but the pledges are also environmentally beneficial!

The list of possible pledges we encouraged is available by clicking here,

We also posted the list of possible actions on the bulletin board near the entrance of the church, and we maintained a table with the list there for several Sundays. 

We made a conscious effort not to use paper wastefully; so we encouraged people to call in, email, or sign up at the table. We let people know they were free to come up with their own pledges.

For more information, contact Stewart Bankhead at [email protected]

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