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Goodness To Go

Convenience & Conscience

Myers Park Baptist Church
Charlotte, NC

Every church leader knows that church members are “busy.” We hear it all the time, and it is often mentioned as the reason why people cannot get involved in the ministries of the congregation. Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC decided to use that very busy-ness to support a worthy cause. They’ve teamed up with a local non-profit called Second Helping, an organization founded to provide jobs for formally incarcerated women. Many of these women found it impossible to get work after being released, but now they have a path to self-sufficiency. After beginning with coffee and snack carts in Uptown Charlotte, Second Helping has since expanded into catering and a take-home café.

The partnership is simple – each week the church collects orders for take-home meals for church families; the women cook the meals and deliver them to the church campus for pick-up. Busy families get a delicious, take-home meal and the women of Second Helping get regular customers. The church kicked off the partnership by having Second Helping cater a Wednesday night church dinner so that everyone could sample their offerings.

Perhaps you don’t have Second Helping in your city or town – but what group DO you have whose good work could be supported by your church members even while making members’ lives a little easier?

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