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Equal Exchange at United Church of Granville

A Win-Win (Win-Win-Win) Situation!

From Patti Burkett
United Church of Granville
Granville, OH

I love our Equal Exchange (EE) project.

We sell once a month after church on communion Sunday, which is also the Sunday we gather together to make 250 bag lunches to deliver locally for our Lunches on the Square program. It's the 4th Sunday of the month when people are often running low on food stamps. The nice connections are that we gather 'round God's table for communion, then we gather 'round tables after church to make sandwiches, and sell EE to support farmers around the world, support the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (BPFNA), and help with local hunger because our profits from EE go to the lunch project (We sell at 10% over wholesale). It's also a lot of fun because my daughter Sarah and I do this together. She gets to run a "store" and uses the calculator. It gives her a chance to work on her money and math skills. We sell A LOT of chocolate!

Here’s how we promote the project at church --

Equal Exchange Products come to UCG! It’s a Win-Win (Win-Win-Win) Situation!

Once a month, members of UCG have the opportunity to buy Equal Exchange products after church, during our Lunches on the Square program. There will be a sale table in the back of the sanctuary offering fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, almonds, and olive oil. Here’s why it’s a win for everyone.

1. With our purchases we support small-scale farmers across the world. Farmers earn a fair price for their products, have access to affordable credit, and can invest in education, health care, and sustainable agriculture, which enables them to build a better future

2. The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (with whom we are a partner congregation) is the Baptist “broker” for the Interfaith portion of Equal Exchange’s program. While we buy the products at a wholesale price, 15 cents for every pound we buy goes directly back the BPFNA, which will further justice work around the world.

3. After buying the product at a wholesale price, we will add a reasonable mark-up and the profits we make will go to support our own Lunches on the Square program, UCG’s effort to help with local hunger issues.

4. Our sale table will be run by Sarah Burkett (and supporters). This will give the opportunity for a young adult with a developmental disability to have a project of her own, a chance to practice some important vocational and life skills, and the opportunity for her to raise money for two of the organizations she loves best, UCG and the BPFNA.

5. And. . .of course, as buyers, we will have access to excellent high quality products that taste good and we can feel good about buying.

That’s five wins!

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