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Equal Exchange at Vienna Baptist Church

From Irmgard Scherer
Vienna Baptist Church
Vienna, VA

The worthy rationale behind this project motivates our church and many churches to get behind this effort. And besides, it's fun!

My son and two friends, along with me, are the "movers and shakers" who help with the few efforts to set up such as doing merchandise inventory once a month (which determines what to order for the next sale), and setting up and dismantling the Fair Trade table after the sale. On the Sunday of the sale (we do it immediately after the service for about 30 to 40 minutes), a table is set up in the foyer to display the products (many receptacles can be bought directly from Equal Exchange, such as baskets and chocolate display racks). The merchandise is stored in boxes labeled according to content in our choir room. We have a dolley and a few men help get the boxes a day before the sale to the foyer, we set up, put a large tarpaulin over the table overnight and voila! we're ready for a sale. As to pricing the merchandise, coffees, chocolates etc. most prices were already established. Occasionally we have "sales" of merchandise with expiration dates.

With best wishes and God's rich blessings on wanting "to buy out the time" to get into action what God puts on your heart.

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