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BPFNA Partner Congregations working for Environmental Justice

As a follow up to our “One Creation / Une Seule Creatión / Una Sola Creación” theme for Summer Conference, we’re pleased to share these ideas from several of our Partner Congregations; all of which have an environmental twist.  

Suburban Permaculture Tour

Mary Caroll Swearingen, member of Covenent Church in Houston, Texas hosted a “Suburban Permaculture Tour” of her own yard. She writes:

Experts on global warming who have considered the significance of humans' addiction to fossil fuels have concluded that our first work must be to restore nature. Permaculture (a form of ecological design and engineering that focuses on developing sustainable agriculture and creating agricultura; systems modeled from natural ecosystems.) helps me to remodel my yard. I invite members of Covenant to observe works that will help our children avoid reaching unnecessary, frightening tipping points. 

She scheduled several visits and invited members of the church to come for a day of education and inspiration.

Computers for Refugees

We like this idea from Lake Avenue Baptist Church (LABC) in Rochester, NY which serves a real need and keeps computers and computer parts out of the landfill:

Having easy access to a computer is fundamental to success in high school, college, and in employment. This is one of the very early lessons learned by refugees starting new lives in the US. So, to help meet this need, LABC’s “Computers for Refugees” program spends a lot of time delivering used computers, repairing computers, and helping refugees connect to the Internet. This year the program has worked on over 200 computers for refugee members of LABC. Bill Perkett, a Kodak retiree and long-time LABC member, gets donated working computers and installs educational software and problem solving games. Several of the programs (which Bill wrote) teach English. If he cannot get a computer working, he uses parts from that computer to fix others. When Bill gives a person a computer, he sets it up for them and helps them learn how to use it. The LABC Mission Ministry helps support this outreach program with funding to purchase parts at a minimal cost. 

Tool Lending Group

Judson Memorial Baptist in Minneapolis, MN has recently created a tool lending group. Member Keith Ford writes:

"While poking around in my garage and basement (never a good idea - it just creates work), it occurred to me how many tools I use so seldom and how to put them to better use. Thus, the creation of the Judson Tool Lending Co-op. I've got stuff you're welcome to borrow. I'm limiting it just to Judsonites for ease of administration."

He then listed all the stuff in his garage and basement he was willing to share and asked others to the same. He'll serve as the list keeper and will work to disseminate the list to church members by email.

Produce Swap

We’ve also seen several produce swap ideas. Here’s one model:

Name a date and location and invite people to bring, share, trade, or sell their excess fruits and veggies, herbs, eggs, starter plants, and seeds. People can also be invited to bring homemade goods, arts and crafts

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